Thursday, May 24, 2018
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He lost his best friend a couple years back and now he moves everyone with this emotional rendition of ‘Jealous’

In the many talent shows today, the auditions that catch the attention of viewers are those with real emotion. These emotional auditions capture the hearts of many, including the judges. 21-year-old Josh Daniel is one of those few special talents. He just lost his best friend a couple of years ago. Today, his best friend continues to inspire him whenever ...

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Modern Twist on Pinoy Pamanhikan

Modern Twist on Pinoy Pamanhikan   New York- Fil-Am indie filmmaker Angelo Santos brings a new take on the Filipino courtship tradition of “pamanhikan”, the subject of his award-winning short-film that tells the story of an interracial gay couple’s parents meeting for the first time before their wedding. Santos said the legalization of same sex-marriage in New York inspired him to write the story. ...

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Philippine 4th Powers standing ovation on ‘X Factor UK’

MANILA – Four Filipina sisters blew away the judges of “The X Factor UK” with their powerful vocals during their audition for the hit talent search at the Wembley Stadium in London. Collectively known as Fourth Power, Mylene, Irene, Celina and Almira Cercado told the judges that they flew to London from the Philippines just to fulfill their dream of ...

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What happened to Rufa Mae Quinto?

Netizens were shocked to see the photos posted by Rufa Mae Quinto herself on her Instagram account and made everyone asking. The 37 years old actress did not reveal what really happened to her but captioned her photos as “This is what I’ve been though… Thru .. True and truth… So thank you lord for saving my life and yes… ...

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Stream Energy: An alternative way to save power!

Electricity plays a huge part in our everyday lives. Whether it is at home, at school, the local shopping center or our parents’ workplace, our daily routines rely heavily on the use of electricity. Crimes will be increased without electricity, that’s why we need lights in the streets or home so that we will have brighter home and pathway with ...

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He Was Bullied In School, But When He Opens His Mouth?Incredible!

In the Australian franchise of the hit singing competition ‘The Voice’, a 21-year old man astounded the judges with his classic voice that really stood out from the rest. Harrison Craig of Melbourne decided to join the competition to showcase his talent to a lot of people. He claims that he got the skills that the competition was looking for. ...

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Amazing 9 yr old girl works in Barbershop! Just like an expert

Amazing 9 yr old girl works in Barbershop! Just like an expert The kids of today’s generation are said to be the hope of the future. But people nowadays are saying that their means of living right now are far different from the past. Many are doubting if they could really bring up the future because they are more inclined ...

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2 Fil-Canadian kids continue to dance their way to fame!

CALIFORNIA – Canada’s pint-sized Pinoy dance prodigy duo “Lucky Aces” recently wowed audiences at the Annual Hip Hop International Championships in Southern California. Lucky Aces is composed of two 12-year-old Filipino-Canadians Reyond “Lucky” Ancheta and Andree Camille “AC” Bonifacio. “It’s just a lot of practice. You just have to practice really hard and believe in yourself,” Ancheta said. The childhood ...

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VIRAL: Traffic enforcers dance to ‘Twerk It Like Miley’

Is heavy traffic causing you stress? Watch this video. A traffic enforcer is someone who enforcers traffic rules and safety standards. At times they may also be called highway patrol officer. They detailed within neighborhoods or local police station or any nearby posts. These days, there are even imaginative and creative traffic enforcers who do different gimmicks to catch the ...

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