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Month Long Absentee Voting Kicks off in Dubai, UAE

8:00 am April 09, 2016 – Month Long Absentee Voting Kicks off in Dubai, UAE More than a hundred Filipino voters arrived in the first hour of elections this month. This signifies a very good sign that Filipinos are now becoming aware and concerned of the electoral and political state in the Philippines. More than one million registered Filipinos around ...

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A Flicker of Encouragement: Tatak Pinoy

Working in the UAE means first and foremost working in the very center of the Middle East’s economic hub. Ever as it was through the history, UAE has kept the astounding reputation as the center of trade and industry. From the time era drew the line of business history, UAE has been undoubtedly rich in economic business advancement. Traders and ...

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Are you an Illegal OFW in Bahrain?

Calling all illegal OFW’s in Bahrain, this amnesty is only until December 31, 2015. Please get in touch accordingly. photo credit: POEA fb page PR_July2015_Bahrain POEA  

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