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De Lima vs Duterte Word War


De Lima and Duterte’s ongoing accusations and allegations have gone deeper. Last Tuesday, Justice Secretary Leila De Lima dismissed the issue of “kidnapping” the Arroyos as alleged by Davao City Mayor Duterte and considered it “ridiculous”.

This statement was taken from the Mayor’s televised interview in a local TV station, “Gikan sa Masa, Para sa Masa” in Davao on Sunday.

“At that time, there was no case yet filed in court. Actually, what they did was they kidnapped or forced the Arroyos to go with them,” Duterte said.

De Lima on the other hand, shrugged off the issue. “Yung mga summary executions na ‘yan, karapatan kong sabihin ‘yan at kondenahin ‘yung mga ganyan. Bakit ho siya? Nagiging foul na e, imagine kung saan-saan na siya nakakarating maski ‘yang sa issue kay GMA, alam niyo naman po kung ano ang ginawa natin doon,” De Lima said in a televised ambush interview.

“O tapos, kidnapping? Hay nako, ridiculous na talaga ‘yan, ewan ko, ewan ko kung ano’ng ibig niyang palabasin,” De Lima added.

The two officials have recently been engaged in a word war, with De Lima accusing Duterte of his involvement in the Davao Death Squad, which enforced disappearances and killings in his hometown.

Duterte denied the reports and instead hit back at De Lima, whom he called as a political opportunist eyeing a higher post through the 2016 national polls.

Alongside with handful more of issues, De Lima seemed fed up with all the accusations of Duterte; “Kahit araw-arawin niya akong insultuhin, lait-laitin at i-criticize ng mga kung anu-ano, hindi rin ako titigil sa paggawa at sa pagsasalita ng gusto ko ring sabihin. Siya lang ba ang may freedom of expression? Lahat naman tayo may freedom of expression, saka meron ho akong trabaho na dapat gampanan,” De Lima said.



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