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59 year old Fashion Model still rocks the scene!

Yasmina Rossi, 59 years old, French born, grandmother of two, Fashion Model. She began her career as a fashion model at her late twenties and got her big break at the age of 45 when she moved to New York City. She was featured in Macy’s, AT&T, and Marks & Spencers.  During her interview with Sunday Times’ Style Magazine she does a lot ...

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Tired of Belly fats? Try this and you’ll surely love your new body

Fat in the abdomen or belly fat, is an issue that people need to take seriously. If you have excess fat around your belly, it has to be addressed. There are a number of strategies that have proven very effective in getting rid of that extra belly fat. The top 5 ways to burn tummy fat are mentioned below.   ...

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New World Record for Skydiving

A new world record for the largest ever vertical skydiving formation is set by 164 flyers in Illinois, Chicago. Seven planes helped 164 skydivers set the world record for the largest vertical formation. The skydivers hit speeds of up to 240mph while creating the formation, which resembled a giant flower. It took the team 13 attempts to beat the 2012 ...

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