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Top 10 POEA Jobs

Here are the Top 10 POEA jobs from please read through the openings posted by affiliated agencies. 1.) PE TEACHER – 13 Vacancies ; US Virgin Islands; Male/Female 25 y0-above; min. 5 yrs experience 2.) PROJECT ENGINEER – 2 Vacancies ; Kingdom of Saudi Arabia; Male 26-40 yo; min. 5 yrs experience 3.) BUILDING TECHNICIAN – 3 Vacancies; Kingdom of Saudi Arabia; Male 26-40 yo; ...

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Top 10 Countries to work abroad for OFW’s this 2015

Want to know where most OFW’s and aspirants like you want to go? POEA Top 10 Countries where OFW’s are deployed  According to a recent report POEA Administrator shared that OFW destination in the past 2 years where mostly for the following countries: Saudi Arabia United Arab Emirates Singapore Hong Kong Qatar Kuwait Taiwan Italy Bahrain Malaysia Behaviour of OFW ...

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POEA Guidelines

Filipino workers can work abroad through direct hiring by foreign employers or by applying to a POEA licensed Philippine recruitment agencies. Our guide below outlines the important information you need to know. Working Abroad thru Philippine Recruitment Agencies DEFINITION Foreign Placement Agency refers to a foreign principal indirectly engaging the services of Overseas Filipino Workers or OFWs. Private Employment Agency ...

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