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10 “Gasgas” Break up lines of all time

10 “Gasgas” Break up lines of all time

10. ” I need some S-P-A-C-E “

Translation: “I met this new person and I want to see where that goes. Mind waiting? ”



9. “You Deserve Better”

Translation: “I deserve better coz I’m ego-maniac”



8. “I need to focus on myself”

Translation: “You’re too distracting, and I’m possibly insecure because you’re doing better than me”



7. “I’m just going to end up hurting you”

Translation: “I’m finding ways to escape because I cheated on you”



6. “I’m Bad at Relationships”

Translation: “Relationships are not for me, I like it when random people hit on me”



5. “I still really care about you but…”

Translation: “There’s this other person”




4. “We’re better off as friends”

Translation: “Can I keep your number in case of emergencies? Like when I get a flat tire or something?”



3. “We’ve grown apart”

Translation: “My friends told me you’re bringing me down, it’s peer pressure, not my fault ”



2. “I’m just not yet ready to commit right now”

Translation: “I think I can do better than you, I’m deluded that way”



1. “I love you, but I’m not in love with you”

Translation: “I’m too in love with myself”





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