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20 Reasons why you should not visit the Philippines

During the summer, various articles that promote the beauty of the Philippines are popping in different websites, but this one is probably the most unique way to tell a story about the Philippines! To make everything different, here are 20 reasons why you should start unpacking your things and cancel all your plans related to the Philippines!

1. The weather in the Philippines is too hot.

2. It only has 7,107 islands. No big deal!

3. The beaches in the Philippines will definitely bore you.

4. There’s nothing good to look at in this country.

5. There’s nothing special with its marine life.

6. The mountains in this country won’t satisfy your taste!

7. There’s nothing spectacular with the chocolate hills of Bohol.

8. It’s just the home of the smallest primate in the world!

9. There is an island within a lake, located in a volcano in a lake that’s on an island which is really confusing!

10. How can Palawan be the new wonder of nature?

11. The streets in Vigan are so out of date.

12. Even the transportation is still similar in the old times.

13. Philippines isn’t a home for modern people.

14. This country is polluted.

15. See? I told you, it’s POLLUTED!

16. Different countries ruled the Philippines so apparently, it has no original culture.

17. Fiestas are too mainstream!

18. The foods are full of sugar.

19. Not just that, it’s also full of bad cholesterol!

20. You should not visit the Philippines because you might not want to leave this amazing place anymore!

Source: crackerdaily


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