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8 Interesting facts about Ryan Rems Sarita

Ryan Rems Sarita, the stand-out comedian of Abs-cbn noontime show It’s Showtime’s segment “Funny One” who introduced a different approach to comedy. He became an instant crowd favorite and now the most trending comedian in the country. But, there are quite unusual facts we don’t know about him. Here are 8 Interesting facts about Ryan Rems Sarita.

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1. Ryan lives in Novaliches. So he doesnt have a hard time going to Abs-cbn.

2. 7 years as Comedian. That is why he is very comfortable in comedy with a very different approach.

3. Certified Twitter user. Ryan has 128K follower to date.

4. He is an Online English Teacher. Can you imagine him teaching english? Well he is.

5. He performed with Vivek Mahbubani in Cebu, Vivek is a stand-up comedian in Hong Kong, a musician and an award-winning new media designer.

6. Pure fun, no insults. Ryan believes that he could make other people laugh without insulting anyone.

7.  Ryan is a member of Comedy Cartel. The Comedy Cartel is a guild of professional comic artists whose aim is to expand and master the art of comedy beyond the usual definitions through the practice of the classic monologue form of standup and through sketch comedy.

8. Ryan is Single yet Happy.  The 36 year old comedian is alone. He said that there is a chance that he will become a sugar daddy

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