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A Young Girl’s tribute to her OFW Mother

As OFW’s, we miss a lot of people and things back in the Philippines. How much more if you are a parent? It couldn’t get much sad i suppose.

Good thing nowadays, we can use the power of technology to stay connected with our loved ones back home. Even just by having a video call or chat, it still eases the sadness we feel.

This daughter takes it to another level, as she sings for her mom via Skype.

She says, “Ma kakantahan ulit kita ha?” (I’ll sing for you again mom) and starts singing Taylor Swift’s Blank Space through Skype.

In the computer screen, her mother can be seen smiling—listening intently to her daughter. She was amazed by how her daughter was talented, and obviously gave her a sense of comfort.

Their video became trending over social media sites and has gained a lot of sincere reactions for the mother and daughter.

The most touching part is that this girl doesn’t own a personal computer where she can call her mother often, so she takes an effort to go the internet shop and have her Skype session.

In another video, she was singing Christina Perri’s “Jar of Hearts” which brought her to tears. Her mother looked so happy upon hearing her daughter’s angelic voice once again.

Source: Viral2real | Video Via Facebook Max Garchitorena

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