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Asian Fashion Trend: Wearing nothing but plastic bag

Many people are depending the way they dress on the newest trends in fashion.
But this new trend will really make you think twice about the inspiration that they came up with.
Plastic bags are known to be one of the causes of pollution that is why there are a lot of campaigns claiming that plastic bags should be reused and recycled.
These photos will show you how Asians found a way to make use of these plastic bags. They got the attention of a lot of people.
In Taiwan, this is the new trend. These people are wearing nothing but plastic bags in their bodies. Many young people are now getting into the trend of making the plastic bag from the grocery into their fashionstatement.
This may be useful to the environment, but it is not something that you would like to see your daughter or family members wearing outside the house.
Some people find this idea silly yet effective.

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