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Campaign raises $130,000 for Syria refugee family

Campaign raises $130,000 for Syria refugee family

Criminals today always use poverty as the main reason for their evil acts. Even able-bodied men choose the easier life of stealing things from others, instead of working hard on their own. Being poor does not justify these acts—knowing you can do something else for your own betterment and for the survival of your family.


Life in Syria is no news to us, but most people do not realize the scale of the nation’s war-ridden streets. After years of war, the country is left devastated, with hundreds of thousands of people struggling to survive. While many people in this situation would resort to unlawful acts, this father does something praiseworthy.


This Syrian man sells pens in the streets of Beirut while carrying his sleeping daughter, slumped on his shoulder. It can be seen in his face that he is definitely having a hard time, but chooses an honest way of collecting money for their survival.

People resorting to stealing and thievery should be ashamed of themselves after seeing this honest man make a living  despite his destitute life.


Source: Viral4Real

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