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Earn $10,000 a month from potatoes

24-year-old Alex Craig thought of an idea that most people would dub a ‘dumb idea’. But he stuck with his gut and launched a site in May. Today, he rakes in $10,000 a month for sending potatoes to random people!

According to Alex, the idea popped in his head while having dinner with his girlfriend. His girlfriend thought it was the ‘stupidest idea’ she’s ever heard of. She never thought that the Texas entrepreneur would make so much money, with a ‘stupid idea’.

Alex says he has sold over 2,000 potatoes since the launching of his site, Potato Parcel. In every potato, a saying, quote, or message is written—and is anonymously sent in packages. Each potato costs $10 and it takes him 30 seconds to write something on it.

Source: Viral4Real

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