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Filipino Temporary Workers in Canada – What you must know!

To search for a greener pasture, Filipinos have dreamt of going abroad, and among the long list of those countries, one of which is Canada.
But sometimes, being too overwhelmed with the thought of working in another country, we tend to forget to equip ourselves with information that we can use to protect ourselves.
Taken from, here are some basic things that you need to know about your rights as a foreign worker.
Please take time to read and you might stumble upon the most important information that you just exactly need to know right now :
7. Medical or Wage benefits (if you are hurt on the job or if your job causes you to get sick).
And if you have other concerns and issues do not hesitate to contact the following Canadian government agencies for support:
(If you have any questions or concerns, Pnoys Forum is open for you. We will be most glad to be of assistance to you.)

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