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Homeless man Burdens Him until a heart breaking truth revealed

It is a natural instinct of every human being to protect their territories from unwanted people,  especially if they don’t personally know them.

Most of the store owners claim that they do not want anyone in front of their space because of the fact that the customers would not be engaged in coming to the store if they see a filthy and smelly homeless man in front of it.

So this man, did everything he could to push the homeless man away from his store. He did cruel things to him to make sure that he would never come back. The owner became a mean person for the harsh things that he did. His daughter and the women next door was the witness for this unlikely act.

Until one day, he opened up and the homeless man was not there. The lady told him that he is gone forever. That was when he realized that he has a CCTV camera. He played the incident and saw all the good things that the homeless man did to prevent anyone from harming the store.

The owner of the store realized that the homeless man was doing everything that he could to make the place safe. But an unfortunate incident happened to him, he was stabbed by a man who was trying to get inside the store and steal.

The owner then realized that he was blinded by the appearance of the homeless man that he forgot to see what was inside him all along.


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