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How to Recognize a Good Recruitment Agency

This post was taken from ofwguide.com which is very helpful specially to aspiring OFW’s in the Philippines. Everyday we hear in the news about some scams happening to our fellow kabayans who are applying for job opportunities abroad  in the hope of a better future. So what do we need to consider when searching for a recruitment agency? Read this article and learn more, this could help us all.

How to Recognize A Good Recruitment Agency

Published on: Apr 23, 2015

Many Filipinos choose to work abroad due to the lack of job vacancies in the country. In connection with this, the government reminds aspiring Overseas Filipino Workers (OFWs) to choose a reputable agency.

Illegal recruiters and agencies are everywhere and so the public are warned to make sure that the agency that they would submit an application to is authentic and reputable. Here are some tips to find a good recruitment agency:

  • Make background check about the agency– To make sure that the agency that handles your application is licensed; you may check their status at the Philippine Overseas Employment Administration (POEA) website or call the POEA hotline at 722-1144 or 722-1155. You can also ask the agency about their profile or how many Filipinos that they have sent abroad. Aside from the number of people they have deployed, what is more important is the quality of work their deployed workers are having in the host country. Also, be aware that the role of an agency does not end with deployment so be interested with the kind of services they offer even after a worker is deployed and are already working overseas.
  • Be vigilant- If you have chosen an agency, do not settle and trust too much. Make observations, some agencies make illegal transactions and will ask you too much money and irrelevant documents. Here are tips to detect if the agency is illegal:

o        They demand payment for application and other unnecessary things right away. An agency is only allowed to ask for a fee after the applicant has signed a work contact. This is for the placement and processing fees.

o        They would ask you to sign papers or contract that contains unusual and irrelevant details like excessive placement fees, etc. Make sure that you have read and understand every contract or document you sign. If you feel that there is something wrong with what is written in the document, confront theagency for clarifications or seek the advice of an expert.

o        After signing a work contract and paying the required fees, a hired worker should be able to leave the country in three months time. If nothing happens to your application after that period, you can already sue the agency for illegal recruitment.

o        They can’t present license or legal documents.

o        Demand an official receipt for every payment you give to an agency and make sure that the amount you actually paid is the same as what is written in the receipt.

o        If they offer you a tourist visa instead of work visa. If your intention of going to another country is to work, a valid working visa is a must. An employed foreigner in another country that uses only tourist visa face the risk of detention, being blackmailed and paying punishment fees.

Avoid clicking on internet/email scams- There are new modus that hire job applicants through internet, for it might be a scam. They offer less transactions and fees but will just keep you waiting for nothing. Internet based agencies are now being traced by POEA because of the numbers of victims that they have allegedly fooled.

  • Ask OFW friends and relatives about their agencies- You may also ask advice from OFW friends and relatives about the agency that they may recommend.
  • Join OFW forums in the internet- There are websites that are dedicated to OFWs such as OFWGUideForums You may ask advices from them about recruitment agencies, job openings and other information about employment abroad.


Do not let yourself be fooled by illegal recruiters who will try to make you believe on their agendas, asks excessive placement fees and will just keep you waiting for nothing. If you noticed that your agency is asking too much money and prolonging your stay without any valid reasons, you may report it to POEA Legal Assistance Division, Anti-Illegal Recruitment Branch, 4th Floor, POEA Building or the nearest POEA/DOLE regional office; NBI, PNP, Police Authorities in your area.


You may also post your concerns and questions in this community to further give the aspiring OFW’s some guide and help. Visit http://pnoys.com/forums/  for more info.

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