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How to turn your Smartphone into a 3D Hologram

We’ve seen holograms in movies and I bet many of you would want a device that can produce holograms, don’t you? Well, that kind of technology is well within our reach, and it is very easy to make. How to turn your Smartphone into a 3D Hologram? Well, here’s a step by step video on how to make your ordinary smartphone into a holographic device!

It only needs a few materials which you can easily find at home: an old CD case, some glue, and a utility knife.

  • First, you need a sheet of graph paper, a pen and a ruler to draw a basic trapezium that will form the blueprints for the device.
  • Next you will need to find an old plastic CD case and a sharp knife or glass cutter to build the sides of your holographic projector. Using the trapezium drawn on the graph paper as a template, cut the shape out of the plastic.
  • Once you have cut out the first one, you can use it as a guide to cutting out the others, until you have four plastic shards of the same shape. These shards should fit together to form an upside-down pyramid shape, and you can use glue or tape to keep them in place.
  • Place the newly-formed pyramid on top of your smartphones/tablets, and search for a holographic video. On the verge of a pyramid, one of four parts of the image from the smartphone screen (or the tablet computer) is projected. Thus, each side of the viewer sees the image, creating the illusion of three-dimensional objects within the pyramid.



Source: viral4real

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