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OFW Business Opportunities

Thinking of how you can maximize your money while working abroad? Worry no more! We found some amazing and cost-effective business ideas that you can take advantage with. Remember, you cannot stay as OFW forever!

Here are the top selections:

  •  Food Cart – this type of business is getting more famous for OFW’s nowadays. You can start a small franchise of your favorite food carts in a very affordable price. You can visit iFranchise Philippines for franchise products and businesses.
  •  Water Refilling Station – Water is life, so while there is water there is a reason for living, and while people are living, you can earn by having your own water-refilling station. Simply tie-up with water suppliers and start the registration process.
  • Coffee / Tea Shops – This is one of the fastest growing business in the country where everyone is a target.
  • Rice-Retailing  – Rice is our staple food, and you can make a good business out of it. Your investment will be more on location, since this will be the key to your success. You can also think of new and innovative ways to market it like free rice delivery within the city!
  • Real Estate – Either you can be an agent or you can rent out your property, think which one suits you. Most OFW’s are saving up to buy their families a new home or even for themselves. Search for a reputable agency that will surely make a good business with you. You can also have your property rented, or, if you have enough savings, buy one apartment near schools, hospitals etc.. (good location) and have the rooms rented-out. This will surely earn more than what you have invested for.
  • Apparel – Everyone loves imported stuff especially women. You can sell dresses, bags, shoes, perfumes etc..Plus! now you can have an online store yourself. There are hundreds of free website builder for e-commerce that you can use and jump start your business.
  • Party Needs – This business doesn’t need that much capital if you are resourceful. All you need to do is purchase some party needs like chairs, tables, tablecloths, etc.. have them rented and you can also provide colorful and designed balloons, party poppers and many more.

You can also have domestic businesses like convenient stores or hog raising which will also give you good profits and long-term success.

Being a successful businessman depends on how you strive and manage the business. Just make a godd business plan, focus on it and surely you will harvest success! Good Luck Kabayans!

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