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OFW in Saudi, earns extra by selling Ice Candy

SAUDI ARABIA – For Filipinos, nothing beats the scorching heat in Saudi Arabia better than the very affordable iced candy.

JJ Bryan is one of the eight iced candy vendors in Bat’ha, a popular spot for Filipinos in Riyadh.

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He was encouraged by fellow OFW Ramon Dobles to sell iced candy instead of just playing video games during their spare time.

“Itong mga taong ito, yong mga tiga tinda ko ngayon,” Dobles said.

Dobles said his sellers are his young colleagues at work who graduated from a 2-year course in the Philippines.

They used to be addicted to playing video games but now get to earn extra money by selling iced candy.

“At the same time, gusto kong matulungan din yong kapwa ko manggagawa dito sa kumpanya na makahanap sila nang konting kita rin,” Dobles said.

Dobles said they used to be embarrassed when selling iced candy to fellow Filipinos. But now, they even post pictures of themselves selling it on their own social media accounts.

“Ang hiya ‘wag mong intidihin yun. Ang intindihin natin yong kumita tayo, magkakapera tayo,” he said.


Source: Report from Roland Blanco of ABS-CBN Middle East News Bureau

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