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Pinoy culture takes spotlight at Canada’s Folklorama festival

CANADA – Filipinos in Winnipeg are taking part at the annual folklorama where Pinoy culture is proudly celebrated in one of the biggest multi-cultural events across Canada.

The 46th annual Folklorama, showcasing 43 pavilions, is one of the largest and longest-running multicultural festivals of its kind in the world.

“All pavilions you’ll feel warmth, hospitality and the passion and commitment of the dancers. Pearl of the Orient is one of the founding pavilions of Folklorama and few years after Kayumangi pavilion joined in. I’m so heartened to see very young kids starting to participate. That means they value their culture,” said Flor Marcelino, Minister of Multiculturalism and Literacy.

Two Filipino pavilions are included, adding pride to many of the Filipinos in the area.

Designed as an affordable one stop tour of the world, many are hooked to the Folklorama experience and the excitement to see it all.

But such success would have not been possible without the generosity of thousands of volunteers who make the Winnipeg tradition bigger and better each year.

“It’s such an honor to be able to come out and thank the over 20,000 volunteers who make it happen every year. I just want to thank them for really helping strengthen our pride in our community because we have so much to be proud of,” said Mayor Brian Bowman.

Folkorama runs till August 15.

Source: Rhia Alcantara, ABS-CBN North America News Bureau | Balitang America


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