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Real Life Drowning Drill,Unexpected Result!

A drill has been conducted in a school in Luoyang, China where 70 students were to submerge their heads in buckets and washbasins to experience real-life drowning.

The Qianzhizhuang Primary School in Henan Province is located near a river, and children would often go there and play—especially on summer. To avoid accidents in the future, the school officials decided to conduct this experiment, not to traumatize the children, but to make them understand the dangers of playing around the river. The drill was conducted in a safe, controlled environment, ensuring the parents that the drill was safe.

In the pictures released to the media, many children were smiling—but many people were not happy with the drill. According to reports, some children explained how they were traumatized and found the experience very upsetting.

The students were also asked to sign a contract, promising not to play along the river.

Source: Viral For Real

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