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Ryan Rems, the Grand champion of “The Funny One”

 Ryan Rems , the Grand champion of The Funny One

It was the competition that aims to discover new comedians. These people had been competing against each other since they first stepped on the Showtime stage.

In the grand finals, each competitor gave out their best efforts to make the audience and judges laugh.

Here are the results of the competition:

4th Runner Up – Gibis Alejandrino

3rd Runner Up – No Direction

2nd Runner Up – Nonong

1st Runner Up – Crazy Duo

Grand Champion – Ryan Rems

Ryan Rems became an instant icon for using a different approach on his jokes. He used the words, ‘Alright! Rock and Roll to the world!’. This became a remarkable quotation for the people. He became and an internet sensation and a very effective comedian.

Congratulations Ryan Rems for winning the funny one!


Source: trendingnewsportal | Youtube

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