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She left their house in anger,but why is she crying?

“Mother knows best” often heard and said to describe how much our mothers love us. There’s no greater love than a mother’s love, though many of us are too blind to see their greatness. Our mother’s tends to yell, scold, and nag us most of the time, only because they’re worried and only want the best for us. Sadly, we sometimes interpret these actions as nuisance to the point of rebelling.

To put it in a better perspective here’s a heartwarming short film about young girl who was fed up of her mom’s continues nagging and decided to run away. This will teach us the meaning of mother’s infinite love.

The film teaches us the greatness of having a mom who truly loved and cared for us. Our parents are treasures that we must protect and love. They are the source of our life, without them we our nothing.


Source: storymarvels

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