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She’s selling hugs, I was crying when i learned why

A mother would do anything for their children. Even if it means throwing away their ego to give the best for them. They would not let their children suffer in any way.
A mother named Chen Dejan stood in a subway station in Chongqing, China. Her daughter was sitting right beside her. From the looks of the child, she was bald and wearing a mask.

mom selling hugs 1

The mother was holding a sign that says, “Selling hugs, 10 yuan each”. She used this to be able to raise funds to provide treatment for her daughter who is suffering from leukemia.

mom selling hugs 2

To prove that her reason is credible, she was showing her identification card and the medical records of the daughter.
The people in the subway station were moved by this heroic act. They sold more than 600 yuan in just an hour.
This only shows how far a mother could go for their children.
 Source: Unilad, wereblog

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