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Stay techie during this rainy season

Want to stay techie during this rainy season? You need this

Can’t text your loved ones _1

Have you ever been a situation where it’s raining, and you need to text somebody but you can’t because you have to hold your umbrella? Well here’s an invention for you!

Can’t text your loved ones _2

Yes, in our society today, many people are stuck with their smartphones. Everything is in there—you just need free hands to hold your phone. Some people, despite the heavy rain, want to update their Facebook statuses, tweet something about the weather, or the more important emergency texts you need to send people—like you’re going to be late for a meeting because of the rain.

 Can’t text your loved ones 3

But of course there are a lot of negative feedback coming from netizens. Who wants an inconsiderate umbrella user or an eyes-on-the-screen pedestrian? Though this invention may be useful to some smartphone-addicted users, it might be a nuisance to those who are not.

The Phone-brella features an ergonomic C-shaped handgrip that wearers slip over their wrist and rest against their shoulder.

Currently, the clutch wet weather accessory is only being offered as a limited-edition gift to select kt customers, but don’t expect the novel idea to stay exclusive for long.


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