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Student Won Free Tuition After Sinking A Half-Court Shot!

As what the elders would always say, the only thing that they could give to their children is education.This is the main reason why the parents are always doing their best in their jobs to provide this necessity to their off springs.

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And what the children should do in return is to study hard and land a good job so that in the near future, it is them who are providing the needs of their family.

Truly, it is difficult to sometimes provide education for your children if you don’t have enough money when the right time comes that is why those who are able to pay cash annuity as early as now is encouraged to pay for a structured settlement so that you won’t have to worry about your child’s tuition fees in the future anymore.

But if you have a child who is as lucky as Lem Turner of Illinois, then payment for one semester won’t be a problem for you.

Turner is an incoming freshman student from the Ball State University which offers a free tuition for one semester to the first student who will be able to shoot a half-court shot at the Worthen Arena.

They are doing this as a part of their school orientation every year and luckily for Turner, he is only the second student who did in the past three years that the school started to conduct this kind of event. The other student did it in August 2013.
As Turner shot the ball in, the crowd went wild as they celebrate with the boy too after making the shot.
It is really great to see happenings such as this because in just a blink of an eye, you can have your education for free.And how I wish many schools could do this program as well for the benefit of those students who suffer financially.

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