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Publish your articles in, be heard and get shared.

You can submit any topics with the following criteria:

  • No Profanity – Remember, this is an online community, we want to share good vibes as much as possible.
  • Relevant Topics– Whether it will be personal opinion, short stories, essays, and or everyday news.
  • Original Work – We highly value copyright. Give credit to original writers if you will use an excerpt. No need to explain further.
  • Proof-Read– All your articles must be proof-read and ready for publishing, otherwise we cannot guarantee article approval once reviewed.
  • Minimum 300– All articles should be at least 300 words minimum. Word Counter will be provided in your panel.
  • No Nonsense – We all want a good read not a waste of time.
  • Religious Opinions – respects all religion, we request that writers must avoid tackling this sensitive topic.
  • Wholesome Only– This website is for General Audience, so please be a little discreet. Terms & Condition:

  • All articles submitted through this website shall be reviewed accordingly.
  • Copyright disputes will be automatically removed by and shall be in contact with the writer to provide proof of ownership.
  • All approved articles will be used for marketing and advertising activities of It may be in different platforms.
  • All Registrations shall be reviewed by the administrator and only those qualified will be approved.

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