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Taxi Driver playing COC while on the road

Clash of Clans or popularly known as COC is now one of the latest mobile game trends. Yup, it hooks up everybody once you start playing however we should control ourselves especially at work. We don’t like to risk our jobs right? how much more if your means of living is driving a public transport? you could risk the lives of your passengers.

A Facebook user Phoebe Nicolas  posted on her timeline her experience while on her way home and rode an FX. She sat next to the driver and she noticed that he was still playing COC while driving.

Later on, she cannot contain her feelings and politely asked the driver to stop playing while driving, the addicted driver replied “Anong pakialam mo?!” (What do you care?)

The driver got mad at her and pulled over the taxi and gave her fare back telling her to take another ride home. Phoebe then took a picture of this car to warn everybody.


Let us all be responsible of our acts, we may put other people’s lives in danger because of this.

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