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Teenager donates his salary, but why?

Teenagers today seem to have endless wants and needs. With the small money their parents make, many of today’s teens insist on buying things they don’t need—to impress people they don’t even want. But this extraordinary teenager does selfless acts that he inspires lots of people around him.

Kristopher Hudson works at Walmart 5 days a week and earns a rather small amount of $66. But that “small amount” reaches so many lives, that many people want to follow his footsteps today. He leaves a small portion for himself, and gives all that’s left to the Back to School supply drive. The Back to School supply drive strives to help children get school supplies they need but can’t afford to buy.

Hudson says he is able to purchase at least 306 pieces of school supplies for the children from his weekly salary.

The world needs more people like this extraordinary guy!

Source: Viral4Real

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