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The Saddest Bookworm Baby!

Modern parents read their children bedtime stories more regularly than their own mothers and fathers did when they were little, a study suggests. In today’s world, more and more children are inclined to use gadgets at a very early age, pushing parents to open them up to the fascinating world of reading.

This is definitely a good thing. Children learn how to read at an early age, and they hear a familiar voice which will be guiding them until they become responsible adults. We are moulded at the earliest years of our lives, and it is crucial that children learn as early as possible.

This baby boy seem so eager to learn at an early age, that he cries every time a story ends! Throughout the story, he listens intently, occasionally glancing at his mother who patiently read the story for her son.

But as soon as the mother closes the book and says ‘the end’, the baby boy breaks into tears!




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