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This dog dug a hole in a grave. Why? You’ll never expect it.

Dogs are one of the best animals to be taken care of because of their loyalty. They also know how to cope up with different situation that is new to them.
That is why, stories about dogs are a big hit for the social media users, especially when it show them a different quality of a dog.
dog in grave 1
A German Shepherd in Novi Beograd, Belgrade, Serbia touched the hearts of the people who have seen her photos over the net.
At first look when you see the photos of the dog it will seem like she dug the hole because of the sadness that she feels for the loss of an owner or companion.
But as you will read throughout this article, the reason is better than that.
dog in grave 2
Vesna Mihajloski saw that this dog has her puppies under to hole to keep them safe and claim no harm to them.
This animal rescuer decided to save the mother and her puppies and gave them a better place to live in.
dog grave 3
A shelter that is far from danger and one that is filled with joy and love.
dog grave 4
Source: Reshareworthy, Trending News Portal


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