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WATCH: Granny Goes Viral After Dancing to a Beatboxing Street Performer in Belgium

Most people walk by street performers with little fanfare. At most, they’ll drop a dollar into the busker’s hat and walk on.

What this lady gave is so much better than money.

A viral video posted on Youtube by Lost at E Minor, shows an elderly lady dancing to the beat box stylings of a street performer in Brussels, Belgium.

By the looks of it, the woman was walking her pet poodle when she was overcome by the rhythmic beats. Her moves fall somewhere between interpretive dance and drunk aunt at a wedding, but we love everything she is giving us.

And we’re not alone. At the time of this article, the video has been viewed more than six million times.

Here are some highlights from her performance:

0:13 — She unveils her signature dance move which resembles a chicken flapping its wings. It’s unique, but we’re into it.

0:26 — Channeling Michael Flatley, “Lord of the Dance,” our enthusiastic performer pulls out her best river dance impression.

1:22 — The beat drops and she drops the leash. She can’t have anything holding her down.

1:34 — In a move perfected by pop stars, this dancing granny gets on all fours and whips her head around like she’s wearing Beyonce’s weave.

1:52 — Drops her poop bag because the only thing she’s scooping up are sick beats.

In conclusion, this grandma is “turnt up” and the rest of us just need to get on her level.

Source: Brittany Jones Cooper, Editor, Yahoo Travel

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