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Watermelon Party tricks you’ll surely love!

Watermelons could be a huge thing in a party especially if you will present it in a very creative way.
Mark Rober showed his magic when it comes to watermelons when he first uploaded his video showing how you could make a watermelon shake using a drill and some wires.
Now his magic trick aims to defy the eyes of the people in the party and make a watermelon looked like it was perfectly peeled off.
You will be needing two watermelons. It should be the same size and shape to make better.
Peel off the skin of the first watermelon. You need to take off the green and white portions of the fruit. Then on the other watermelon you just need to leave the white and green portions.
Then you have to combine it together and VOILA! You have a magical watermelon!

Source: Viral4Real

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