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What Does the Length of your Finger Say About You? Take This Quick Personality Test Now!

Do you know that personalities can be identified with just a glance at your fingers?

Of course, the fun part here is that you don’t have to go to the house anymore. Yes, you can do it bby yourself plus there truly is no harm in trying.


There are three types of result for this simple test and each has a corresponding say about your personality. Once you are done comparing, look at the corresponding interpretations below.

A) If your index finger is shorter than your ring finger

Such people are very often attractive, easy to talk to, and charismatic. They are more decisive that others, inclined to take risks and cope well with unexpected problems. They can also sympathize with and feel compassion for those around them. Such people often out to be brilliant engineers and scientists. Most of them are also fond of solving crosswords and other mind games.

B) If your index finger is longer than your ring finger

People whose index fingers are longer than their ring fingers are usually confident and self-reliant. They enjoy their own company and intensely dislike having to waste their time on trivial matters. They aren’t usually willing to take the first step in any situation, be it a new business venture or in personal relationships. However, they put a high value on attentiveness and accept praise graciously.

C) If your index and ring fingers are of the same length

These people are said to be peaceable and good- natured. They deeply dislike conflicts and other similar situations. They are well organized and they get along well with everyone. They’re also loyal to their friends and loved ones and are often devoted to their work. However, they have a short temper- even a small disagreement can lead to a serious argument. It’s better to take their side in any dispute rather than oppose them.


Source: Elite Readers


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