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5 Reasons and Motives Why Children Cyberbully

In today’s society where the children spend more time on the internet, cyber-bullying is a prevalent problem that is drastically worsening. Cyberbullying is a growing problem that impacts kids nationwide every day. Cyber-bullying occurs when a person (often a child, preteen, or teenager) is bullied, harassed, humiliated, threatened, embarrassed, or targeted in some way by another person (often a child, ...

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WATCH: PH’s version of Taiwan’s ‘toilet cafe’

PH’s version of Taiwan’s ‘toilet cafe’ Inspired by the popularity of a toilet-themed cafe in Taiwan, Jovic Garcia decided to bring the experience closer to Filipinos by opening his own version of the “toilet cafe” in Boracay. – Rated K, 23 August 2015

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More than a box: What a ‘balikbayan box’ means for OFWs

MANILA – Overseas Filipino workers (OFW) are called heroes of the new era, “bagong bayani” in Filipino, for a reason. They go through a very tedious process—submitting requirements, paying placement and other fees, taking various tests—just to be able to work abroad. Apart from the process, there is also the risk of being scammed by illegal recruiters or being abused ...

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Who pays for missing balikbayan box items?

Who pays for missing balikbayan box items?   MANILA – Who pays for items inside balikbayan boxes that have been damaged or gone missing? According to Customs chief Alberto Lina, the Bureau of Customs is willing to pay for a balikbayan box item that has gone missing as long as it is proven that it is Customs that is at ...

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Two men rob a store using a machete, Clerk is ready to face!

Two teens armed with a machete enter a store in Pittsburgh. One of the two teens pull the machete on the store clerk and demanded money, while the other would-be-robber took items from the store’s shelves. They didn’t expect the owner to turn the tables—as he pulled out an even larger sword. As soon as they saw the clerk’s weapon, ...

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School Girl did Unique way when she’s Late!

Warning: For those who are not trained to do Parkour, do not attempt to do this. Parkour is a training discipline using movement that developed from military obstacle course training. Practitioners aim to get from one point to another in a complex environment, without assistive equipment and in the fastest and most efficient way possible. Parkour includes free running, climbing, ...

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Typhoon ‘Ineng’ ravages PH, heads towards Japan

Stranded commuters hike up a mountain after a portion of Kennon Road was damaged by a landslide caused by Typhoon Ineng in Baguio. Photo by Harley Palangchao, Reuters MANILA — (UPDATED) A weakened Typhoon Goni (local name: Ineng) was headed towards Japan on Sunday, after battering Northern Luzon leaving at least 10 dead, and causing thousands of people to be ...

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OFWs umalma sa random inspection ng balikbayan boxes

OFWs umalma sa random inspection ng balikbayan boxes Umalma ang mga OFW at netizens sa random inspection ng Bureau of Customs sa balikbayan boxes. Pero nanindigan ang Customs at Malacanang na pangontra ito sa smuggling. Nagpa-Patrol, Apples Jalandoni. TV Patrol, Agosto 23, 2015, Linggo Source: ABS-CBN News

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6 Powerful Tips to shift into a Marketing Mindset

6 Powerful Tips to shift into a Marketing Mindset MANILA – How many times have we sat down late hours in the office, drained and tired after a marketing strategy we worked on didn’t do well as planned? Low sales, slow return of investment, bad conversions–these are very haunting metrics. Others see marketing as a “spray and pray” game, others ...

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Facetime Cheating Prank

Every girl would definitely freak out if you found out that your boyfriend was out all night partying with his friends, then accidentally Face Times you while he was lying in bed with someone else. Jesse Wellens created a perfect prank to get his girlfriend Jeana upset. The night before the prank, he went out with all of his friends ...

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