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World’s First Head Transplant Successful

Johannesburg, South Africa- After Nineteen hours of operation, the world’s first ever head transplant was a success. Thanks to the surgeons of Charlotte Maxexe Johannesburg Academic Hospital in Johannesburg who carried out the procedure last February but waited until the operation was successful before they made public announcement.

“It was a massive breakthrough” Doctor Tom Downey, who was part of the South African team who carried out the operation, “We’ve proved that it can be done – we can give someone a brand new body that is just as good, or better, than their previous one. The success of this operation leads to infinite possibilities.” told CNN he is thrilled about the results.


The operation was done to Paul Horner, 36-years-old, who was diagnosed with bone cancer five years ago, was on the verge of death when he was approved for the controversial and possibly deadly operation.

This procedure is another excellent example of how medical research, technical know-how and patient-centered care can be combined in the quest to relieve human suffering.

The operation was led by Professor Myron Danus and took place on February 10th of this year. “Our goal is for Horner to be fully functional in two years and so far we are very pleased by his rapid recovery,” Danus said.

“Before the operation, Horner’s body was riddled with cancer and he had less than a month to live. We were fortunate enough to find a donor body; a 21-year-old man who has been brain dead from a serious car accident that happened in 2012. The boys body worked just fine, but his brain was not functioning whatsoever, and there was absolutely no chance of recovery.” Danus continued, “We received approval from the young man’s parents to use their sons body to do the operation. They were extremely happy their son could save a life even in the vegetated state that he was in.”

Doctors say Horner has made an 85% recovery; walking, talking and doing the normal things a healthy individual does.

So this is just the beginning of more medical breakthroughs. This just gives hope to a better future.

Source: News Examiner | News Examiner Youtube Channel

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