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Homeless man Burdens Him until a heart breaking truth revealed

It is a natural instinct of every human being to protect their territories from unwanted people,  especially if they don’t personally know them. Most of the store owners claim that they do not want anyone in front of their space because of the fact that the customers would not be engaged in coming to the store if they see a ...

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He proposed to his girl when the ring fell off the waters

He proposed to his girl when the ring fell off the waters Matthew Pica had everything planned. They were out on a beach date, and the ring was ready. He even invited the families from both sides to witness the romantic seaside proposal. But he never expected something would go wrong. Kayla Harrity was surprised to look at her boyfriend ...

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Philippine 4th Powers standing ovation on ‘X Factor UK’

MANILA – Four Filipina sisters blew away the judges of “The X Factor UK” with their powerful vocals during their audition for the hit talent search at the Wembley Stadium in London. Collectively known as Fourth Power, Mylene, Irene, Celina and Almira Cercado told the judges that they flew to London from the Philippines just to fulfill their dream of ...

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What happened to Rufa Mae Quinto?

Netizens were shocked to see the photos posted by Rufa Mae Quinto herself on her Instagram account and made everyone asking. The 37 years old actress did not reveal what really happened to her but captioned her photos as “This is what I’ve been though… Thru .. True and truth… So thank you lord for saving my life and yes… ...

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He used M & Ms for proposal- He Nailed it!

Wedding proposal gets more and more unique as the tie goes by. Men are continuously looking for the incredible ways to make their girlfriends feel special. Large number of proposals had been making rounds over the social media sites. All of them got a ‘Yes’ from the girls. But now, a simple yet unique way was made possible by a ...

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Teenager donates his salary, but why?

Teenagers today seem to have endless wants and needs. With the small money their parents make, many of today’s teens insist on buying things they don’t need—to impress people they don’t even want. But this extraordinary teenager does selfless acts that he inspires lots of people around him. Kristopher Hudson works at Walmart 5 days a week and earns a ...

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Darren Espanto sings Chandelier Effortlessly

Watch: Darren Espanto sings Chandelier Effortlessly It is undeniable that Darren Espanto continues to shine with his ability to sing the songs which have really high notes. First seen as The Voice Philippines Kids contestant by singing Jessie J’s “Domino,” this kid who ended up as a runner up to Lyca Gairanod is definitely unstoppable in showing to other people what  he ...

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More than flowers: Story behind viral ‘Garden Taxi’

MANILA, Philippines – It’s quite a fancy cab — driven by 41-year-old Richard Bulaclac — one that blooms with a flowery interior, and which he calls the “Garden Taxi.” The cab has LED-lit plastic roses, all colorful and radiating with positivity, perfectly arranged to ease whatever stress the city life has cast down upon commuters and laborers. Its floral design ...

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A 4 year old’s first day at school

 A 4 year old’s first day at school Children being separated from their parents on the first day of school can be a heartbreaking moment. Children are used to being with their parents the whole time, and being separated from them for the first time can leave them anxious and heartbroken. Entering a new environment filled with unfamiliar people can ...

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