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Goodbye KSA : Saudi nationals impressed by OFW song

The music video narrates a melancholic tale of J. Nava Cruz, an OFW and freelance writer who worked in the Kingdom for two decades and was prompted to return to the Philippines in November 2012 to reunite with his ill sister, Catchie. He was caught in a dilemma whether he must tend to his family duties or stay in the ...

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Dubai building on Fire: Filipinos affected

Source: Gulfnews

Dubai, United Arab Emirates- Monday, November 23, 2015, Al Shamsi Building in Deira, Dubai, was caught on a massive fire. Most of the residents of the said building were Filipinos who have lost all their possessions including their important documents and passports. The Philippine Consulate is already on the move to help the affected Filipinos where are are urging all the ...

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Girl cries after tasting PEPSI for the first time!

We all had our first times, some were absolutely good and others are….  never mind, but this girl is extremely overwhelmed the first time she drank and got hold of the taste of soda. She is allegedly allergic to caffeine and therefore can’t drink most sodas so her boyfriend decided to buy caffeine free Pepsi. Her reaction was priceless. Watch it. source: Rumble Viral

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Get to Know Yaya Dub behind the camera Must watch!

Get to Know Yaya Dub behind the camera Must watch!   Maine Mendoza is the hottest personality in the entertainment industry today and amidst her fame, she kept her feet grounded. In this video, you will see how she treats her fans off the camera. Source: Viral Online

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11 Year Old Boy Gained Standing Ovation and left the Judges Crying!

The kids of this generation never fail to amaze the viewers and the judges of the talent competition that they conquer. Another 11-year-old Serbian boy named Marko Bosnjak would make you want to hear more from him. His stunning voice made all the judges of the show stand because of the outstanding performance that he prepared for the audition for the show. ...

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Palitan ng dolyar sa piso, umabot ng P47

Tumawid sa P47 ang palitan ng dolyar ngayong Martes. Ito na ang pinakamahinang antas ng piso kontra dolyar sa loob ng mahigit limang taon. Pero ayon sa ilang analyst, may positibong epekto pa rin ang paghina ng piso sa bansa. Source: Abs-Cbn News,PH

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Shaolin monk runs atop water for 125 meters!

Shaolin monk runs atop water for 125 meters, sets new record Shi Liliang, a monk who made headlines last year running 118 meters across the surface of a water reservoir, established a new personal best of 125 meters on Aug. 29. Source: New China TV

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Children caught smoking in the streets asking for lighter

Children caught smoking in the streets asking for lighter Often we see men, women and everybody of adult age, smoking in the streets, bars, cafes and anywhere possible. However we warn them about the harmful effects of smoking, still they do. These kids tried to smoke by asking random adults in the streets for a lighter and all of them ...

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Gutter oil used in Chinese street food

Gutter oil used in Chinese street food The use of gutter oil is pretty common in the cheap restaurants and street food in China. Gutter Oil is a term used in China both Mainland and Taiwan to describe illicit cooking oil which has been recycled from waste oil collected from sources such as restaurant fryers, sewer drains, grease traps and slaughterhouse waste. ...

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