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Watch: How to spot Fake Rice

This news has yet to be proven but the whole country was alarmed with the ongoing reports about fake rice that is circulating around Davao Del Sur, where a certain Carmencita Griño, the woman who bought the rice reported to ABS-CBN where the latter tested the said rice and found some unusual qualities.

ABS-CBN found some differences that may conclude that this is a fake rice. They noted five qualities that may help us identify:

  1. According to Carmencita Griño, she kept the rice for three weeks and it hasn’t spoiled even.
  2. This fake rice produces water when squeezed
  3. It doesn’t have that sticky feel like the normal rice
  4. It looks and feels like Styrofoam when cold
  5.  It smells like sweet potatoes when burned.

Asst. Manager Ma. Elaine Respicio of the National Food Authority (NFA) promised that they will be investigating reports of synthetic rice in Davao.

She promised to deliver the results as soon as they finish the laboratory analysis that may take up to three days.

She warned the public consumers to be extra careful when buying rice and other commodities. “If it’s not fit for human consumption, it’s not even fit for animals” she said.

In line with this issue, Senator Cynthia Villar, head of the Senate panel on food and agriculture urged the National Food Authority (NFA) and the Department of Agriculture (DA) to investigate before this becomes a national concern.

Senator Villar also ordered inspection of rice warehouses and retailers to ensure that they don’t sell synthetic rice.

She also assigned Bureaus of Customs and the Philippine Coast Guard to double check all imports and tighten security for any attempts of fake rice smuggling.

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