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Month Long Absentee Voting Kicks off in Dubai, UAE

8:00 am April 09, 2016 – Month Long Absentee Voting Kicks off in Dubai, UAE More than a hundred Filipino voters arrived in the first hour of elections this month. This signifies a very good sign that Filipinos are now becoming aware and concerned of the electoral and political state in the Philippines. More than one million registered Filipinos around ...

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Employers SHOULD NOT keep worker’s passport

Dubai, UAE – Retention of employee passport by an employer is against the law in the UAE, and an individual has the right to take the legal course against it if done without the employee’s consent or without a court order. “It was stated in a decree by the Ministry of Interior (in December 2002) that it will be considered as ...

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1.5M Filipinos Face Layoff In Mideast : Govt girds OFW Crisis

Oil prices have sunk to below $30 a barrel, the lowest level in 12 years, before making a slight recovery amid a glut due to additional supply in the United States, refusal of the Oil Petroleum Exporting Countries to cut production and slowdown in China. The end of Western sanctions on Iran is expected to worsen the glut. Since 2014, ...

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Job Openings in Qatar

Disclaimer: We are not a recruitment agency. All job posts are taken from Kindly coordinate with the specified agency for the vacancies you are interested in. Mag-ingat sa illegal recruiter! Tumawag sa POEA Helplines 722-1144 / 722 1155   10 Civil Engineers – Male 25-45 years old, with minimum 2 years experience, Contact: Farland Personnel Management Corp. for more details ...

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Scores killed as ‘giant’ crane falls in Makkah Grand Mosque

At least 107 people were killed and 238 others injured after a crane fell in Makkah’s Grand Mosque on Friday, according to Saudi Arabia’s Civil Defence authority, reports Reuters. Ahmed Bin Mohammad Al Mansoori, spokesman for the two Holy Mosques, was quoted by the official Saudi Press Agency as saying part of a crane collapsed at 5:10 pm (1410 GMT) “as ...

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Bride Shortage in India now a big problem

Bride Shortage in India now a big problem The ratio of women to men has sunk to its lowest point since India gained independence in 1947. There’s at least one cruel reason for this: sex-selective abortions, where boys are prized more than girls for economic reasons. The shortage has also driven an enormous increase in human trafficking. So, if you are a ...

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Vatican changes policy on Annulments: PH Catholic Church offers Free

Vatican changes policy on Annulments: PH Catholic Church offers Free For over a year now, Catholics all over the world kept an eye on Vatican’s say regarding the issue of marriage annulment until 2 days ago, the Pope himself made official reforms in Church law on marriage. In the Philippines, it has been recently announced by Archbishop Emeritus Oscar Cruz ...

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Man Divorces Wife for Dancing

Man Divorces Wife for Dancing A man in Saudi instantly divorced his wife when he caught her dancing front of the TV set, telling her what she did was an unforgivable betrayal. The husband already warned her a lot of times against watching such music channels but still she disobeyed. The woman explained that she is an avid fan of music ...

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Palitan ng dolyar sa piso, umabot ng P47

Tumawid sa P47 ang palitan ng dolyar ngayong Martes. Ito na ang pinakamahinang antas ng piso kontra dolyar sa loob ng mahigit limang taon. Pero ayon sa ilang analyst, may positibong epekto pa rin ang paghina ng piso sa bansa. Source: Abs-Cbn News,PH

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He lost his best friend a couple years back and now he moves everyone with this emotional rendition of ‘Jealous’

In the many talent shows today, the auditions that catch the attention of viewers are those with real emotion. These emotional auditions capture the hearts of many, including the judges. 21-year-old Josh Daniel is one of those few special talents. He just lost his best friend a couple of years ago. Today, his best friend continues to inspire him whenever ...

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