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I am a Dubai based contributor for and an aspiring blogger.

Employers SHOULD NOT keep worker’s passport

Dubai, UAE – Retention of employee passport by an employer is against the law in the UAE, and an individual has the right to take the legal course against it if done without the employee’s consent or without a court order. “It was stated in a decree by the Ministry of Interior (in December 2002) that it will be considered as ...

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Dubai official clears confusion over visa runs to Iran

Dubai, UAE –  “Business as usual” Major General Mohammad Al Merri, Director General of DNRD (Dubai Naturalisation and Residency Department)  said nobody is banned from travelling to neighboring areas like Kish Island in Iran or Oman to change their visas; However, Al Merri said they prefer people go to their home country while awaiting for their employment visa so that they ...

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1.5M Filipinos Face Layoff In Mideast : Govt girds OFW Crisis

Oil prices have sunk to below $30 a barrel, the lowest level in 12 years, before making a slight recovery amid a glut due to additional supply in the United States, refusal of the Oil Petroleum Exporting Countries to cut production and slowdown in China. The end of Western sanctions on Iran is expected to worsen the glut. Since 2014, ...

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UAE 2016 Salary Guide

The numbers are out, according to the latest UAE Salary & Employment Report of 2016 of the renowned Hays UAE, here are the salary guides for this year with its corresponding average income. Check out your position and see if it seems fit. This guide is for the following industries: Accountancy & Finance, Construction & Property, Engineering, HR, IT, Office Support, ...

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OFW parents SHOULD read this

Techie Kids? Think Again. OFW parents really love to spoil their children with gadgets (mobile, tablet, laptop etc..) to show how much they mean to us. We don’t mind spending our hard earned money just to see our kids happy, knowing that they are equipped with technology. As a parent, tablets really help a lot, especially for toddlers, you can ...

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To My Family back Home, HINDI ako Banko PS: Kumakain rin po ako

To My Family back Home, HINDI ako Banko PS: Kumakain rin po ako Sounds familiar? We all have stories to tell. How much does it cost to pay off debt of gratitude? Until when are we able to give in? We all have personal dreams and goals. Not all of us were lucky to have a stable career and a promising ...

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Less Employment in Dubai: A Filipino Struggle

Less Employment in Dubai: A Filipino Struggle I have been working in UAE for over three years now and have noticed a big decrease in employment at this time. “There are a lot of jobs, they only offer less” this is the reply I often hear. Joy, a single mother of three (3) is currently on a 90-day tourist visa, hoping to land ...

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#MMKOFW: Vagelyn Federico’s story

As an OFW (Overseas Filipino Worker) the hardest part is always leaving your family back home. We always strive hard to give only the best for our families. Last Week’s MMK (Maalaala Mo Kaya) episode was one of the truly inspiring OFW stories that really touched my heart. I am also an OFW in the luxurious city of Dubai, United Arab Emirates. ...

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Green Tea – the Super Power drink

Studies say green tea (Camellia sinensis) is the healthiest drink on the planet. Green tea is fully loaded with antioxidants and nutrients that our body needs, hence Green Tea – the Super Power drink is a more appropriate title. I drink green tea not because I liked it but because I need to be conscious of my weight. Recently, I became ...

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