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8 reasons why people cheat on their partners

8 reasons why people cheat on their partners Lack of emotional satisfaction If not all, many people stay in a relationship because they fell in love. But what happens when they fall out of love in their primary relationship? Seeking emotional intimacy can be nearly as compelling a reason to have an affair as can seeking physical intimacy. Participants who ...

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Pinoy Festival in Canada

SAN FRANCISCO – The Pistahan Parade and Festival took over downtown San Francisco over the weekend, as Filipinos celebrated the very best in Filipino culture and tradition. Organized by the Filipino American Arts Exposition, the Pistahan theme was “Home Away from Home.” Now on its 22nd year, the Pistahan kicked off with a parade through downtown San Francisco with colorful ...

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OFW in Saudi, earns extra by selling Ice Candy

SAUDI ARABIA – For Filipinos, nothing beats the scorching heat in Saudi Arabia better than the very affordable iced candy. JJ Bryan is one of the eight iced candy vendors in Bat’ha, a popular spot for Filipinos in Riyadh. He was encouraged by fellow OFW Ramon Dobles to sell iced candy instead of just playing video games during their spare ...

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Jeepeoke in Cebu City

Cebu City- Stuck in traffic? worry no more. Cebuanos found a very good way to make up your time while stuck in the busy streets of Cebu. Cebu City is among the busiest streets in the Philippines besides Manila. Filipinos love to sing everywhere and anytime so what best thing to do if you are in the midst of a ...

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A Young Girl’s tribute to her OFW Mother

As OFW’s, we miss a lot of people and things back in the Philippines. How much more if you are a parent? It couldn’t get much sad i suppose. Good thing nowadays, we can use the power of technology to stay connected with our loved ones back home. Even just by having a video call or chat, it still eases the sadness ...

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Move Aside Ed Sheeran, Thinking Out Loud Best Cover- Ever!

A lot of people not only Filipinos have their own cover version of Ed Sheeran’s Thinking Out Loud but wait, here’s another aspiring singer. This (unnamed) guy made everyone’s day when he sang the famous song effortless! His video has now gone viral for the past 24 hrs only. Share this with your friends for good vibes!  

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