Friday, September 21, 2018
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This adorable baby prays intently with her family and adds her own ‘amen’ in the end

Prayer is the life-breath and heartbeat of a truly Christian home. Praying together unites families under a banner of common goals as family members pray for and hear others concerns. For many Christian families, praying before eating is a very common practice. Children are taught to pray at a very early age, which they will hopefully bring into adulthood. This family is definitely raising this ...

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Baby Girl with Diamond-Blackfan Anemia rocks the stage in the International Zumba Convention

Audrey Dethery is just 6 years old, but is already suffering from an incurable disease.  Audrey might be only six years old but that doesn’t prevent her from stealing our hearts during this International Zumba Convention. Audrey was invited to the convention to help spread awareness about Diamond Blackfan Anemia (DBA), a life threatening bone marrow disease. Diamond-Blackfan anemia is ...

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Conjoined Sisters Find Love With The Same Man

Conjoined Sisters Find Love With The Same Man “Love is blind” or so they say. Some may caption it as “Love conquers all” but whatever may fit this one of a kind love story, it only proved that love is the most powerful language every human knows and every living thing depends on. However we may reason out there is only ...

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Immigration vows faster processing of travel documents

Immigration vows faster processing of travel documents Good news to every travelers and OFWs, Bureau of Immigration (BI) found a solution to what seemed like a life long hassle everytime you line up the immigration counters at the airports. December of this year, they will be adding 200 workforce to man each counters and rotational schedules and apart from that, passport scanner ...

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Diver Spotted Stunning View in Mexico!

There are a lot of undiscovered scenes deep under the waters of the ocean. A Russian Photographer named Anatoly Beloshcin took the courage to explore underwater and take mesmerizing sceneries. He bravely swam along with sharks and whales deep down the waters of Antartica. These captivating photos were the result of his endless passion to seek great photos to showcase ...

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Watermelon Party tricks you’ll surely love!

Watermelons could be a huge thing in a party especially if you will present it in a very creative way. Mark Rober showed his magic when it comes to watermelons when he first uploaded his video showing how you could make a watermelon shake using a drill and some wires. Now his magic trick aims to defy the eyes of ...

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The Saddest Bookworm Baby!

Modern parents read their children bedtime stories more regularly than their own mothers and fathers did when they were little, a study suggests. In today’s world, more and more children are inclined to use gadgets at a very early age, pushing parents to open them up to the fascinating world of reading. This is definitely a good thing. Children learn ...

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